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I was recently contracted to upgrade a large complex project from MPLAB 8 to MPLAB_X and from PIC32MX to PIC32MZ while retaining PIC32MX compatibility and from mla (Microchip Libraries for Applications) 2013 to the current version 2018. The hardware consists of two versions, one with the SSD1926 LCD interface and the second with the SSD1963 LCD interface. Conversion of the SSD1926 version went smoothly and it is now working. The original project used a third party driver for the SSD1963 and I have not been able to find a version of that driver that will work with mla 2018.

1. Does anyone know of a SSD1963 driver for mla 2018?

2. Is there an SSD1963 driver in Harmony? If so can it be ported to mla 2018?

3. Is it practical to convert a large complex legacy project to Harmony (my opinion is no)?
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