Working with pic32mx470 and mcc

Working with pic32mx470 and mcc

Postby Nmaster88 » Fri Jun 07, 2019 4:24 pm

Has anyone here been able to run a project with a PIC32MX470F512L using MCC(mplab code configurator) that works well?

Using the MCC, doesn't seem to take in account the performance of the pic, and it seems to run slow.

I configured the System module with FRC 8 MHz with PLL enabled (2x divider, 20:1 multiplier, 1:1 divider) so it has a result of 80MHz, i've heard it's the maximum.

The instructions seem to go a lot slower than supposed, if compared to other pic 16, 8.

From the forum of microchip i got the following answer:

Using CHECONbits.PFMWS = 2; seems to help with things running faster but still it doesn't seem enough.

Do i have to convert all variables LATXbits to LATXINV? I've tried it with a pin that i was toggling and used on a while loop and it indeed got faster.

main {
while(1) {

I'm developping code that needs to be executed fast where i need to check the signal of a port if its high or low with a frequency of about 5KHz. There is a function SYSTEMConfigPerformance(FCY) that can help improve the performance, but i've only installed MCC in MPLAB and doesn't seem to be the library that works with it.

Anyone had overcome this problem?

PS: I'm newbie so i'm using MCC
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