PIC32MK MC family: experiences and thoughts?

PIC32MK MC family: experiences and thoughts?

Postby twelve12pm » Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:50 pm

I'm considering PIC32MK MC (specifically PIC32MK1024MCF100) for a new product, but I'm a bit nervous. About two years ago we switched to another vendor for our 32-bit MCUs because the general state of Harmony and MPLABX was pretty awful. In fact, whenever we used PIC32 and dsPIC (which we did in several products), we only used old parts supported by MPLAB 8 and the old peripheral libs and MLA code.

I'm looking into this PIC32MK because with its six QEIs, ADC, and DAC it could reduce our component count appreciably, it has the FPU (with single- and double-precision), the errata doesn't look too terrible, and the price is an offer I can't refuse (no horse head necessary). Of course, this means (re-)taking the plunge into the new software tools.

Has anyone worked with this part family? I'm looking for thoughts, experiences, and insights into any undocumented "gotchas!" that we should look out for. Also, has Harmony and MPLABX IDE improved in the last two years?
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