Setting cache policy

Setting cache policy

Postby elevate » Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:34 pm

Hi guys,

Haven't had much luck with this on the microchip forums.

I currently have a PIC32MZ1024EFE100 micro and am using the DMA/PMP for a controllerless graphics display, 320x240 16-bit.

I am having some problems with an intermittant flickering which I think I have tracked down to accessing the frameBuffer while the DMA is transferring data from it. When I only write to the buffer in the vertical porch (DMA using a dummy buffer to send 10 lines of dummy data) the flickering doesn't seem to happen.

My frame buffer is coherent so there shouldn't be a problem of cached data but when I check the K0 bits in the Config CPU register, it always reads 0 which is the' Cacheable, non-coherent, write-through, no write allocate' cache policy but the default according to multiple data sheets and app-notes should be 3 'Cacheable, non-coherent, write-back, write allocate'

I am not using Harmony as I never got on with it and this design was originally for a PIC32MX so I ported the code ok to the MZ but have this flickering issue.

The startup code should set the cache policy I thought, and any attempt I make at trying to write to K0 fails. I can't seem to get the harmony sys_devcon macros to work so have tried this:

Code: Select all
#define UNCACHED    0x02
#define WB_WA       0x03
#define WT_WA       0x01
#define WT_NWA      0x00

void SetCachePolicy(int cc)
    unsigned int    cpO;
    cpO = _mfc0(16, 0);
    cpO &= ~0x03;
    cpO |= cc;
    _mtc0(16, 0,cpO);

Can anyone help? Cheers!
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