Debug work, release not

Debug work, release not

Postby schneiderj » Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:19 pm


this the follow up of this message :

Last message from Ian :
Alternatively, if the hardware is on the bench at work, can you get a colleague to set up RDP or VNC on the development PC and stand by to probe whatever you need while you drive it remotely?

That what I am doing to test my platform, but if I have to connect logic analyzer... and explain how to do (these guys are chemist, nothing to do with electronic !). But I will test. Or I can ask my son to go there. I can do that easily.
Good suggestion !

There's not a lot we can help with without seeing your code. As attachments here appear to be borked, I suggest heading for Ric's PICforum as many of the regulars here are registered there.

It is strictly "MDD File System-SD Card" with Demonstration3.c file

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