PIC32MX150 Harmonu TCP/IP ETHMAC driver error

PIC32MX150 Harmonu TCP/IP ETHMAC driver error

Postby Rotario » Thu Mar 05, 2020 10:50 pm

Hi All,
I've tried posting in the microchip forums, but I've waited two days for the posts to be approved and it's still not happened!
Anyway - I was hoping someone could help with an error I've got using the harmony 3 configurator with MPLAB X IDE v5.30 on Ubuntu - it seems fairly buggy.

I'm trying to pull in the ETHMAC internal driver, which does nothing. Running MPLAB X IDE (v5.3) from the terminal I get the following error:

Code: Select all
<Configuration Database>[Info]: Setting default value drvPic32mEthmac:TCPIP_EMAC_MODULE_ID:_ETH_BASE_ADDRESS
<Event>[Info]: Broadcasting event: LogErrorEvent -
<Configuration Database>[Error]: Failed to activate component: drvPic32mEthmac
<Log>[Error]: Exception cause: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/rowan/harmonyFramework/net/driver/ethmac/config/drv_intmac_ethmac.py", line 341, in instantiateComponent
    tcpipEthmacIrq_index = int(getIRQnumber("ETH"))
  File "/home/rowan/harmonyFramework/net/driver/ethmac/config/drv_intmac_ethmac.py", line 579, in getIRQnumber
    return irq_index
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'irq_index' referenced before assignment
<MHC>[Info]: Stack trace filtered due to currently set log level.  See "/home/rowan/.mh3/mhc.log" for full details.
<MHC>[Info]: To change log level filter see Tools->Options->Harmony in MPLABX
<Event>[Info]: Broadcasting event: LogErrorEvent -
<Configuration Database>[Error]: Failed auto-connect operation.  BASIC CONFIGURATION:tcpipNetConfig_0:NETCONFIG_MAC_Dependency->DRIVER LAYER:drvPic32mEthmac:libdrvPic32mEthmac is not a valid connection

<Harmony Database>[Info]: PIC32M Internal Ethernet MAC Driver Component

Which looks like an issue in the source code?

Any ideas please? I'm just trying to get a PIC32 to do some basic tcp send/receive and maybe some NTP if I'm feeling saucy :mrgreen:
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