Framework consistant standards

Framework consistant standards

Postby Dren » Wed Jul 20, 2016 4:27 pm

Hello All,

I need some help and advice. I want to implement a HID Keyboard and mouse using MPLABX and Microchip's framework for a PIC24EP256GU814. I can write it myself by hacking together other projects I've written, but this project really needs to be totally 100% standard, IE microchip's files in default locations, directory structures, paths, as other people are going to support it.

I have tried installing the framework BUT it seems such a mess to me, I have even tried setting it up on MPLAB 8vxx and EVEN read the PDF and single stepped through the guide... it does not match what is happening in the workspace at all. So I am ending up modifying the paths, and cutting pasting and editing library files to get it to work, which defeats the whole object. I have also looked through demo projects only to find that they do not seem to have a standard either, by which I mean a standard name/file/folder structure and means of configuring the IC. For example some projects use <pic.h> others specify the actual device <pPIC24EP256GU814.h> others include <xc.h> that includes <htc.h> which then goes on to include the specific device. What is the preferred one ? Likewise I thought that the plan of using library files was to have generic files stored in a standard library that you just include, if you look through the examples virtually all of them have taken their own copy from the library, and they are different, modified or an older version.

In the documentation it says that the user should only edit the set up in the application folder, but then the contents of that folder are.. what ? IF that folder is present at all in a project then it contains different files. The configurations bits themselves are set by #pragma in different ways in different file names, OR they are included in a random routine by a define _CONFIG stream. Oh and shouldn't ALL C projects have a Main.C file instead of an App.C ? I don't personally care which as long as it is consistent.

OK now the solution... does someone know what an ideal framework project (ideally for USB) should look like. I need to know the recommended method of configuring up the PIC, what files go where and what they do, what paths need to be set to include the recommended library files etc. I want to make a totally bland standard PIC project.

All the best

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