Newbies: Want to use enhanced core chips?

Enhanced mid-range devices. PIC12F1xxx and PIC16F1xxx

Re: Newbies: Want to use enhanced core chips?

Postby linker3000 » Sat Jun 07, 2014 4:02 am

Yeah, guys - you're right, it was 8" floppies. It was 12" platters on the disk pack for the VAX 11/750 I used to manage.

While I have been in San Jose for the past 3 weeks, I took a trip up to Mountain View and went to the Computer History Museum where there's a section devoted to storage; they had everything from CRT persistence memory, through mercury tank and rope core to NAND flash. It's a really great place and I'd recommend it to anyone who's in the area - the highlight was a 1 hour demo of a working Babbage difference engine.

My current job is 'Systems Engineer' for Storage Class Memory - I'm doing apps and customer support for SSDs and PCI Flash cards. Today I arranged a shipment of product from the USA back to my desk in the UK - including 4 PCI flash cards with capacities ranging from 550GB to 4.8TB. There was also 20 x 600GB SAS drives, 10 x 450GB SAS and 10 x 6TB SATA. I think I'm storaged out!
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