keeloq algorithm and pic microcontroller

Re: keeloq algorithm and pic microcontroller

Postby cardac » Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:58 pm

Hello folks... okay so... now I have posted some info on what I have done... (somewhere else in the forum)... with the keyloq and decoding the HCS301 (etc) chips...
So what I found on the internet.. is a simple ...(however rather involved).. assembly language.. text file. called NORMAL.ASM ... which was worked on way back in 2002.. I think..??
So this listing would compile in MPLAB... for a PIC16C56A... processor... (I did it... after I edited the NORMAL.ASM text file...)..

So I believe that there is somewhere a listing for a PIC16F57 flash processor.. So this system is a NON-INTERNAL EEPROM chip.. so you need an old serial EEPROM like 93C46.. and it connected onto outside pins..

Now I looking for some real PIC boffin to help me change this to.. a smarter chip like.. say a PIC12F629... or even a PIC16F684 .. and then use the internal EEPROM... of the PIC..
So this assembly routine.. does the "whole trip"... in that it does validation of the code hopping bits of the 66 bit stream... from the HCS chip..

So what I have done.. is get a pretty smart program out the U.K. .. called FLOWCODE... and I have studied all this stuff.. decided that the code hopping parts just need to be bypassed... and then.. I decode the 28 bit serial number.. and the switches.. S0,S1,S2,S3.. So using this FLOWCODE... I got it to work pretty well.. okay - BUT I WAS USING A HCS301 chip... and just connecting the pin6 PWM output directly to the PIC input pins.. (of course taking care of the 12V to 5V conversion..)...
So the FLOWCODE program was working quite well - and I was quite excited.. actually.. hmmm...
BUT.. then the whole ting came apart... when I decided to connect this to a proper RF receiver.. output.. and well - then - as I said - the whole program came apart...

This was because.... whilst using the HCS output directly... THERE WAS NO RF NOISE ... on that PIN..!! and when I connected the PIC to the receiver output.... OMW.!!! SHOO.!! my program was absolutely useless...

So I have tried now.. with a highly cycling speeded up...input loop...BUT alas... damn it all... my loop is not correct... because I am missing incoming pulses...!!

I have thought.. of.. what to do... BUT need some help please... cause my experience in this sort of looping routine - IS PATHETIC.!!! plainly USELESS.!!

So I would relish anyone - to step forward.. and please help me...

My Kindest Regards
south africa..
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Re: keeloq algorithm and pic microcontroller

Postby Roche » Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:16 pm

Ask yourself why you are missing incoming pulses - Is the incoming serial data causing an interrupt. Is there a buffer for the data.
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