USB Host/Device CDC Demo in MLA

USB Host/Device CDC Demo in MLA

Postby dmccric » Wed May 16, 2018 4:08 pm


This is my first post as the help on the Microchip Forum is shocking.

I am trying to get the MFi demo 'Minimum Accessory' firmware compiling for the PIC24F but it is proving very hard to say the least. I want to create an iPhone Accessory that is powered by the iPhone and communicates using the iAP2 protocol. The minimum demo I want is to send/receive data to get some led's flashing for now.

I am using MPLAB X v4.15 and after installing the MLA libraries the firmware directory is...

C:\Microchip Solutions v4.00\MFi Demos\Minimal Accessory\Firmware

I think this is to do with the pre-compiled libraries (-elf.a). All of the files can be found but there was significant alterations to some files.

Has anyone managed to get any of these MFi demos compiled.

Thank you in advance.

Compile Error.png
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Re: USB Host/Device CDC Demo in MLA

Postby jtemples » Thu May 17, 2018 9:06 pm

Which MLA are you using? There's nothing related to MFi that I can see in the current MLA.
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