sw_i2c and ds1307

Re: sw_i2c and ds1307

Postby jtemples » Sun Jul 13, 2014 1:35 am

phoenix2000 wrote:open source library which is developed by professional engineers in microchip

As ric points out, you probably shouldn't assume much about the people who wrote the libraries. E.g., search for "RCIF = 0" in the serial library; that might lead you to believe it was written by someone who didn't read the data sheet. Or search for a value being assigned to PEIE; that might lead you to the same conclusion. Those are just a couple of glaring examples.

Other than things like USB/Ethernet/CAN, there isn't a peripheral on the PIC18 that is complex enough to warrant a library.
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Re: sw_i2c and ds1307

Postby phoenix2000 » Sun Jul 13, 2014 1:42 am

Olin Lathrop wrote:Maybe somebody, but using library routines for something that simple is just silly. As you found out, you don't know what those routines really do, and they often don't integrate nicely into the rest of your system. It takes more time and trouble to vet someone Else's code for something this simple than to just write it yourself. Then you have something that does exactly what you want and you know exactly what it does.

hello dear Olin Lathrop and jtemples
of course it is silly,but my goal was just to learn how it works and it is obvious that wasn't an important project.but as it seems,and experienced professionals say ,it's not good idea to use this lib(or maybe other libs of microchip) .although some of them work properly.anyway thanks for your attention and reply.
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