dsPIC33ep ADC2 not working with vref+

dsPIC33ep ADC2 not working with vref+

Postby alanmi » Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:24 pm

Good day,

Using a dsPIC33EP128GM604.
When I set the ADC2 to work with Vref as VSS_VDD everything works as expected.
However if I use VSS_VREF as the reference ADC2 always returns 1023 in 10 bit mode. ADC1 works in both cases, which indicates to me that my vref input are correctly wired and supplying the correct voltage.

According to the datasheet ADC2 should also be able to use VSS-Vref or am I misreading some information.
The vref voltage input are 3.0V
Channels used are (1 and 32 on ADC1) and (7 and 28 on ADC2).

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