PIC Tutorials, Learning to Program PIC MCUs

(instructions, reset, WDT, specifications...) PIC12F6xx, PIC16Fxxx, PIC16F6x, PIC16F7x

PIC Tutorials, Learning to Program PIC MCUs

Postby cardac » Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:16 am

Hello folks.. okay so I am a pensioner... and live in South Africa...
Lately I have found it necessary to try to study some PIC programming.. and have taken on a project which I really need to have some help with please.??
I know basically what PIC chips are.. (I am a retired 'old timer' development engineer).. and so I have some experience in writing some PIC software.. I also design - layout - and build small electronic projects.
So recently - I have retrieved off the internet some "really old"... assembler coding.. from years 1995 - 2001.. and this is code that was developed for using with the HCS301 type chip..
So what I need to do is to.. get this code to work - firstly in a very old chip - the PIC16F57 .. and associated circuits... then I want to "transmogrify" the assembler code to work in... say a PIC16F684.... and then maybe a pIC16F629..

I have edited a copy of this code, which I retrieved off the internet.. and have loaded it into MPLAB 8.92 version.. and have some small questions... I like to learn by experience.. and also not to waste other folks very valuable time..
If anyone is interested.. here.. the assembly listing.. is merely called - NORMAL.ASM ... and as I say - I hitched off the internet... I have some documents .. mainly APP notes which pointed me to find this code listing...
There are some small errors in this listing - as found during assembly time.. and I would relish some kind person's time to just help me here..

I await patiently - anyone's replies...
My Kindest Regards
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Re: PIC Tutorials, Learning to Program PIC MCUs

Postby ric » Wed Aug 02, 2017 12:58 pm

I've split this from the topic you added it to, and moved it to a more appropriate forum.
You seem to imply you've posted the code you need help with, but there was nothing attached to this message.
Can you show your code?
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