Useful links for PIC information

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Useful links for PIC information

Postby ric » Wed May 28, 2014 3:47 am


Useful FAQ posts on THIS board

Useful FAQ posts on the Microchip forum

Third Party

15-Dec-2014 Added link to RMW at
7-Jan-2014 Added "PIC programmers. Which ones work, and which to avoid"
8-Jan-2015 Added "why-adc-1024-is-correct-and-adc-1023-is-just-plain-wrong"
22-Jan-2015 Updated link to "Gooligum Tutorials"
18-Feb-2015 Added Microchip wiki link documenting how to set CONFIG bits in MPLABX
22-Jul-2015 Added ASM30/XC16 note
28-Jul-2015 Added Crystal Oscillator FAQ
29-Jul-2015 Added MPLABX project info
31-Dec-2015 Added LCD init link.
30-Apr-2016 Added link to "Don't write to EEPROM straight after power on"
22-May-2016 added link to "What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic"
26-May-2016 added link to "Universal assembly language ISR code for XC8 for all standard midrange PICs."
21-Sep-2016 added link to ]"PIC24/dsPIC Legacy Peripheral Libraries"
12-Oct-2016 added link to "Why unoptimised output from C compiler is so bloated"
23-Nov-2016 added link to "Optimal routines to convert 16 bit hex to BCD on 8 bit PICs"
17-Jan-2017 added link to "XC8 Table Array Workaround for PIC18FXXK40, Silicon Rev A3"
24-Jan-2017 added link to "Appnote: Transmit infra-red commands using RC5 or SIRC"
14-Mar-2017 added link to "Fix PK3 by disabling enhanced power management"
29-Mar-2017 added link to "Hardware Tool Debug Features by Device"
14-Aug-2017 added link to "AC zero cross detection. TB3013 supersedes AN521"
1-Feb-2018 fixed faulty URL on "Microsoft CDC driver" link
26-Apr-2018 added link to backup of USB/DALI software
12-Jul-2018 added link to "What's new in XC8 v2.0"
8-Aug-2018 added link to "Moving to XC8 v2.0"
1-Apr-2019 added link to "Reason of Multiple GND and VCC on an IC."
30-Oct-2019 added link to "Access 14 bit data on PIC16F in XC8"
29-Aug-2021 added link to "Generate fotware delays" at
16-Sep-2021 added links to "No XINST in XC8", "Don't enable local code generation", and int16 x int16 -> int32 C code.
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Re: Useful links for PIC information

Postby Ian.M » Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:53 am

PICk a chip

HOWTO: interpret PIC part numbers - How to read a PIC part number at a glance and, for the 8 bit data bus families, have a rough idea what its key characteristics are. - UPDATED

HOWTO: Search for compatible PICs and older tools - What programs (& debugs) what? - moved to its own topic
MPLAB 8.92 (final), and PICkit 1, 2 & 3 standalone application device support lists in Excel spreadsheet format


Why ADC/1024 is correct, and ADC/1023 is just plain wrong! by Roman Black - How to get ADC scaling right.

C resources for embedded programmers

The C Book, 2nd ed. by Mike Banahan, Declan Brady & Mark Dora - A free online reference to ANSI C89 that's nearly as good as K&R.

comp.lang.c Frequently Asked Questions - A "must-read" before admitting your C ignorance in public that often removes the need to do so.

Organizing Code Files in C and C++ at - Are you new to multi-file projects? This explains what stuff goes where.
Embedded C programmers should ignore the C++ stuff and the link to a newer version.

ANSI C89 draft standard - When you *really* want to know why something is forbidden or a bad idea. Usually used to win (or lose badly) arguments!
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