MPLAB X IDE V2.26 on OSX UI system font size change

MPLAB X IDE V2.26 on OSX UI system font size change

Postby tsmith2456 » Tue Dec 02, 2014 10:37 pm

I have difficulty with the system font size of the IDE. I can change the editor window font size and the output window font size but cannot establish how to change the IDE system font size (for the menus, project window, dashboard window etc.) I have Googled the issue and found a reference ( ... on-options) that suggested looking in //Applications/microchip/mplabx/ However on my machine is the app itself and there is no directory of that name with a Contents subdirectory (I have system files set to visible so it is not hidden). In Windows one can apparently add a startup option to the command line that starts the app in the link icon properties window, something like "--fontsize 20". As far as I'm aware OSX does not support that type of startup method. Does anyone know where the mplab_ide.conf file actually resides on a MAC? (I'm using OSX10.9.5 Mavericks)
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Re: MPLAB X IDE V2.26 on OSX UI system font size change

Postby AussieSusan » Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:01 am

I've run that software combination (although I'm now on Yosemite) and I must admit that I've never tried to alter the font size.
At a guess, if there is a .conf file then it might be in the ".app" bundle which is where such things often reside, or perhaps in a hidden folder in your login directory (following the UNIX tradition).
To look into the ".app" bundle, control-click (or right click) on the ".app" file and select the "View Contents" (or similarly worded) menu entry. A ".app" file is Actually just a special directory that the finder normally does not let you expand. However the contents view will appear as a separate Finder window and you can chase things down from there.
You can set options on the command line in OSX either my using the terminal (or script file) or edit some of the files within the .app bundle. Again, I have never needed to do any of that for any GUI application, although I use the terminal extensively for accessing *NIX style programs.
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