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AN1921 TCPIP lite for PICDEM.net2 using XC8 / MCC

PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:49 am

Please find herewith the application note AN1921 project for the PICDEM.net2 board. It uses the ENC28J60 external controller, not the internal PIC18F97J60 controller, beware to use the right RJ45 connector on the PICDEM.net2

It implements the TCP and UDP clients using XC8 / MCC and TCPIP lite library.
Follow AN1921 instructions.

Following software are needed on the PC :
MPLAB X v4.0x
MCC plugin
XC8 v1.4x
TCPIP lite library for MCC
Also the AN1921 archive is needed to get the PC side GUI for the demos :